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Soma & Aretz

Belly & Baby Butter

Belly & Baby Butter

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Take care of your skin with our luxurious Belly & Baby Butter. Rich cocoa butter and soothing calendula flower make this butter perfect for moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin, as well as your belly during pregnancy. Enhance your skincare routine with a truly indulgent experience!

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Customer Reviews

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Only thing that helped

I've been using this balm and it's SO good! I also have used it with my daughter because she just got over a rough bout of hand, foot and mouth and it was one of the only things that helped her sleep at night. Poor thing was covered in rashes and was hardly sleeping for a few days 😩. I was just putting that balm everywhere!
Thank you for saving our sanity and helping her sleep! 🤩

So glad it was able to help your little one! <3

Michaela Gapp
Favorite Pregnancy Product

This has been my favorite pregnancy product! It smells so good and feels absolutely luxurious on my skin, especially on my growing belly! My dog can't keep her tongue to herself when I'm putting it on. It is perfect for every part of my body, especially in the dry, desert heat of Las Vegas. I feel so moisturized after using this body butter and can't wait to try it out on the little one too. Definitely an all time favorite!

Thank you for your review! So glad it's been able to help keep you moisturized in your dry climate!

Loved it during pregnancy!

Worked great in pregnancy! It kept my skin on my belly and legs nice and soft while everything was stretching. No irritation and smells great, like coconut oil and cocoa butter! I would let it sink in for a few minutes before putting on PJs and didn’t notice any stains on clothing. Overall awesome find!

Thank you for your review! This one has more of an 'oily' consistency when immediately applied but soaks right in and leaves skin so soft! <3