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Soma & Aretz

Herbal Wound Salve

Herbal Wound Salve

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Our Herbal Wound Salve is your skin's best friend! Our unique blend of powerful herbs and coconut oil has been specially crafted to help facilitate the healing process. Comfrey, plantain, elder flower, and coconut oil work together to stimulate new skin cell growth, reduce inflammation, and enhance tissue repair - all without blocking your body's natural healing ability! Accelerate your healing today with our Herbal Wound Salve.


Directions: apply a small amount to minor cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns after cleaning. Follow with a bandage if desired. Safe for the whole family- including dogs!


DO NOT use on deep puncture wounds. It may heal the skin over the wound too quickly and risk infection underneath. Get medical attention in the case of a puncture wound.


These statements are not approved by the FDA. Check with your doctor before use.

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Customer Reviews

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Hunter List

A wonderful gift for my wife! She loves the products from Soma & Aretz!!

Rosacea Relief

my rosacea flared so bad the last 2 days that I had a constant migraine and my face was beat red and burning. I was scared to try this stuff until it calmed down but yesterday I was desperate and used it. I immediately felt relief. I used it again this morning and my face is clearer than it’s been in weeks.

How amazing! I am so glad it was able to help your skin!


After about a week of suffering with hemorrhoids and no relief I decided to try the wound salve and instantly had relief and a significant reduction in swelling and irritation after just one use! I was hesitant to post this “Butt” just one more thing this product is good for!

Thank you for your review! Endless Uses! Amazing!