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Manuka Matcha Face Mask

Manuka Matcha Face Mask

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Unlock the power of nature with our Manuka Matcha Face Mask! Enriched with manuka honey, this hydrating mask deeply cleanses and infuses antioxidants for a brighter, healthier complexion. Give your skin some TLC and experience the unmatched beauty of Manuka Matcha!


Matcha: is incredibly high in antioxidant which stimulates the skins natural collagen production. This can also help combat sun damage and research has even suggested that topically applying matcha even has anti-carcinogenic properties. It is also high in chlorophyll which helps in reducing redness and inflammation.
Manuka honey: It comes only from New Zealand and is widely known and studied for its anti bacterial and healing properties. We use raw Manuka honey mixed with raw honey to harness Manuka honeys benefits while keeping our mask affordable. It is also anti-inflammatory, soothes dryness, moisturizes and softens, and has the ability to help heal cystic acne. I’ve gotten testimonials from people who have been using the mask daily or every other day who have seen drastic improvement in their cystic acne. 
Pearl powder: has been used in Chinese skincare for thousands of years. It is full of amino acids, trace minerals, calcium, and magnesium. These promote skin regeneration and moisture and also helps to regulate sebum and increase cell turnover.

Orange Peel Powder: Provides a boost of Vitamin C for your skin and acts as a gentle exfoliant when removing. 


Directions: Apply to clean, dry skin 3x weekly. Apply a thin layer with mask applicator and let it sit for at least 20 minutes to allow all the benefits to soak in. Wash off using fingers or a wash cloth using gentle circular motions to exfoliate with the orange peel. Follow with face mist and serum. For dry skin, apply face balm or tallow balm as your last step.


Contains raw honey which may crystallize or separate from other ingredients. If separation occurs, simply stir back together. For crystallization, gently warm in a double boiler and stir back together. Do not microwave.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emma P
Luxurious (and Delicious) Face Mask

I've been using the manuka matcha face mask for over 30 days now. I struggle with hormonal and other stubborn, painful acne, as well as dry/combination skin. After years of using harsh exfoliating scrubs on the daily, I've been making the journey to gentler methods and natural products. This mask is the perfect addition to my skincare routine. It doesn't dry out my skin while still providing gente exfoliation when needed. It smells AMAZING and I am so tempted to eat it while it melts on my face (I confess, I did taste it once and it was delicious). The most notable benefits I've noticed are how it improves my rough texture and reduces inflammation and redness in my skin after use. I would recommend to anyone looking for a natural, gentle exfoliating and rejuvenating product.

Glowing Queen

I love this mask! My skin is brighter and tighter immediately after. This has helped my skin’s dryness especially in the winter. Repurchased!

Adrienne Hardy
Game changer

I am absolutely in LOVE with this face mask. I have cystic acne and was prescribed Antibiotic topical treatment to out on my face. I was never crazy about how my skin felt with the treatment and then I discovered this NATURAL antibiotic! It makes my face feel so fresh and a great smell and feel! I put it on in the morning to help relax before work and I feel a difference the days I do! It's helped my skin feel better, minimize pores and even my skin tone. My acne is even clearing! Love this product!